Curve by Saco

Hair with pastel hues
The Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer became famous for his amazing curved lines that define buildings like the breathtaking Cathedral of Brazilia. Now this great mind of modernism inspired a collection of art that you can wear.
Saco translates the flowing geometry, the clear shapes and minimalist approach of Niemeyer's visions into short hairstyles and infuses the shapes with colors of metallic pastel hues.
The softness of the colors and the boldness of the geometric cuts create the energy that makes us look twice at these unique and strangely touching creations.

Lavender Wedge

Lavender color wedge haircut
Short wedge hairstyle
A clear line, a narrow curve and an angle that lifts the gaze upward are what this dream of hair is made of. The geometric shape has built in contrasts with one sleek, long side and one short and finely clipped side with a velvety surface.
The dominant part is a large wedge that features the steep and clear cutting ling standing out at about 45 degrees from her face, starting at the cheekbone. The hair color is a metallic, beautifully shimmering lavender, that reminds of retro violet candy and adds a cosmic touch but also softness to the bold lines of the short haircut.

Pretty Pixie in Pink

Pink hair color pixie
Short pink hair
Combed to the back ever so neatly, this adorable short haircut combines masculine and feminine elements with an outrageous candy color. But don't be fooled it might look like cotton candy powdered with mother of pearl, but it has a strong will and punch. Dandy meets old Hollywood and takes off on a rocket ride into the 22nd century.
Delightfully retro, yet ultimately sci-fi, all in one. The hair was graduated extremely fine along the sides and in the back, while the top hair remains long to be turned into the most amazing shapes with the help of a fine comb and a good styling product.

Copper Dome

Short blunt cut copper color hair
Post-modern mushroom haircut
As blunt as can be, a slightly wavering line all around creates an edge so sharp, you might cut yourself on it. Only stylists with excellent cutting skills should attempt this fine tuned, balanced and exciting short haircut.
To prevent too much uniformity a gap was styled into the bangs, which are only called this because of the position over the forehead. The sleek sheet of hair goes all around the head in its coppery and golden radiance. A mushroom cut with a post-modern make-over.

Tomboy Cut in Blue

Tomboy cut for short blue silver hair
Short metallic blue hair
Turn yourself into a cosmic messenger with the color of the midnight stars. A blue, silver metallic hair color illuminates the short haircut with the long top hair, shorter sides and very velvety neck. But it is not only the out of this world color that makes this short hairstyle so desirable.
The styling is super refined with the long top hair pulled towards the front and then styled across the forehead in a gently rolled inward smooth and snug fitting line.

Round Cut

Short round hair cut
Not a single hair dances out of its assigned place. The classic short round haircut received a geometric make-over by Saco to empower the architectural design it has. A round fringe brings softness to the face and it is balanced out by the straight and angled elements on the sides.
The hair color enhances the visual motion with its ice-cream swirl pattern that originated on the side of the crown. Strands in raspberry and a shiny light gold pull you into their energy field before you know what hit you.

Blue into Black

Short blue black hair with a retro feel
A turban made out of hair! The retro feel is undeniable and this short, very round, geometric haircut has the same effect like looking at a beautiful sculpture in a museum. One just cannot take one's eyes away.
Styled in a swirled motion all around the head, this dynamic velocity is only enhanced by the streaks of royal blue in the deepest and blackest black ever. Smoothing products keep all potentially flyaway hairs under control.
Hair: Saco Creative Team led by Richard Ashforth
Make-up: Andrew Gallimore
Clothing: Hasan Hejazi
Photography: David Oldham