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"Curve" Hairstyles Collection

  • lavender wedge
  • pink hair
  • short copper hair
  • short blue hair
  • round cut
  • blue black hair
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The Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer became famous for his amazing curved lines that define buildings like the breathtaking Cathedral of Brazilia. Now this great mind of modernism inspired a collection of art that you can wear.
Saco translates the flowing geometry, the clear shapes and minimalist approach of Niemeyer's visions into short hairstyles and infuses the shapes with colors of metallic pastel hues. The softness of the colors and the boldness of the geometric cuts create the energy that makes us look twice at these unique and strangely touching creations.
Hair: Saco Creative Team led by Richard Ashforth
Make-up: Andrew Gallimore
Clothing: Hasan Hejazi
Photography: David Oldham
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