Short Haircuts for Girls (28)

Are you in search of inspiration for a new short haircut? Looking for cute short or very short hair ideas for girls? We are happy to help you out. Check out these short hairstyles that will inspire you to call your hairdresser as soon as possible!
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  • Smooth short hair with precise cutting lines
  • Short hairdo with point-cutting and dynamic texture
  • Short and sleek chestnut color hair with a blunt angled fringe
  • Sleek polish bob that accentuates the eyes
  • Semi bob with angled cutting lines and a silky appearance
  • Short asymmetrical haircut with one side styled behind the ear
  • Glossy short just under the cheekbones bob
  • Short boyish haircut with a very long fringe for women
  • Short haircut with layers and smooth wet look styling
  • Angled haircut with a shorter back and blonde curls
  • Rebellious short hairstyle with the hair clipper cut high over the ears
  • Short hair with a long fringe and styling for a windswept look
  • Short hairstyle with crimped hair and temple to temple bangs
  • Choppy haircut with the hair cut closely around the ears
  • Platinum blonde hair styled over one of the eyes
  • Short and sleek blonde hair with a dynamic appeal
  • Glitzy short hairstyle with a quiff
  • Short hairstyle with tapering and raised hair
  • Light and easy summer hair with a lot of texture
  • Smooth asymmetrical bob with a shorter and a longer side
  • Classic round hairstyle with hair that curves inward
  • Pseudo-wedge bob with bangs that fall to mid-nose
  • Short silvery grey hair with a steeply tapered nape section
  • Short blonde hair styled for a yesteryear look
  • Short middle of the ears hairstyle with layers
  • Textured bob with extra length on the sides of the head
  • Short hairstyle with long wind blown bangs
  • Razored bob haircut with texture and a feathery apperance
  • Short women's haircut with layers and the hair styled towards the front
  • more short hairstyles

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