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Hairstyles Fall-Winter 15-16 by Laetitia Guenaou

  • bed headed curls
  • razored bob
  • red finger waves
  • crimped curls
  • grunge look bob
  • wet look hair
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Today’s collection is all about throwing caution to the wind, and letting down our hair… Literally. Here you’ll find hairstyles that sizzle with energy and sass, heating up the temperature and pushing all the gauges into the red zone.
Perhaps this collection is a fitting tribute to the late David Bowie, who favored his fiery red tresses, eccentric styles and fictional characters that were really based on real characteristics of his greatest fears and tribulations.
These pictures inspire a hairstyle driven world where redheaded villains, vixens and heroes co-exist, and everyone has a unique and gripping appearance that set them worlds apart from the rest. If you seek out the glitter, glamour and fire in a monotonous world, you need not to look any further, as you’re about to open Pandora’s Box of flaming styles to put the heat back into your look.
Hairstyles: Laetitia Guenaou
Hair: Agata Kociolek, Magdalena Piwowarska, Coraline Gustave, Marine Da Costa
Make-up: Karolina Supernak
Stylist: Weronika Wysoczynska
Photography: Jacek Ura & Szymon Szyndlar