Individuality & Creative Structural Change

Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks

Summer hair
Creativity and individuality are the fine seasonings that gives the summer hairstyles their special flair. These Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks cuts adapt runway looks for every day and cater to women who like to express their own unique take on fashion.
Intense structures and complex cuts with bold differences in lengths, artful transitions and very exciting special effects are on the palette for this gorgeous array of intriguing hairstyles.
Textures bring life to the cuts, bangs are once again the star of the season and fine tuned coloration is the icing on the cake. Have your stylist create your own eye catching look and then play with different styling ideas. Great ideas are just a click away.

Short Hair with Layers

Short pixie hairstyle with layers
Light and feathery style for short hair
Overlapping layers are precision cut for this feathery pixie haircut. It is light and playful and has much to offer, because the base cut can be styled in numerous ways as far as your imagination goes. The back part is kept very short and graduated.
A great transition towards the longer sections in the front is accompanied by fine texture in the tips. For this dynamic look the hair was styled towards the front with special attention to the light strands in the fringe, the star of this gorgeous creation.

Soft Spikes and Bangs

Short hair with bangs and spikes
This is a short pixie haircut that wants to be played with. Imagine the possibilities! You can see two of them in this collection. In the first version the equal length short layers are lifted up to form soft spikes. When seen from the front these spikes resemble a fiery little halo with the smooth fringe as a balancing centerpiece.
The bangs are sleek and long enough to cover the edge of her eyes and to throw a mysterious shadow over them. Her light copper hair color is highlighted with gold to give it an extra boost. Feisty and chic for women who like expressive fashion.

Out of Face Styling

Short hair for festive occasions
The same short cut that stunned us with its expressive bangs is now styled out of the face and in an even softer version. The finely layered short hair got its volume by scrunching the hair with the fingers and some mousse.
The adorable spikes point outward but have no strict direction to keep a playful feel to it. The longer fringe portion is now softly draped along the hairline with just a few tips reaching into her face. A great hairstyle for evenings and even for festive occasions!

Platinum Blonde Pixie

Blonde pixie with spikes
Beautiful short hairstyles
A great cut and an iridescent color. What could go wrong with this combination? Absolutely nothing. And it also comes with a minimalist design, which makes it timeless and beautiful in a reduced and pure way.
The graduated sides are narrow and follow the shape of her head, while the top peaks with soft spikes, cut in several lengths and styled in a slightly windswept way to the side. The most amazing part of this look is the color with an icy platinum. That and subtle effects in lilac give it this cosmic shimmer.

Textured Bob with Flow

Textured bob with heavy bangs
Side view of a modern long bob
The contrast of the graphic fringe to the fluffy sides gives this bob an unparalleled vivaciousness. The heaviness of the bangs is lifted by the fun and easy going texture that was created all around by cutting bold slices into the sides and texturing the tips to an uneven finish.
With its polished and scrunched elements this haircut is a true eye catcher and the hair color helps too. Her base is a warm, medium brown and features painted on highlights in copper for a harmonious, yet intense effect.

Lift and a Hairband

Hair styled with a hairband
Hair cut with an angle
Modern and vintage all in one. This hairstyle boasts style elements that are reminiscent of the 60s with its high back and a decorative hairband. The front part is all about the line and a sleek appearance. Layers give the teardrop shaped creation movement and structure and the solemn front, cut as a classic bob, balances all the energies.
The back narrows towards the shoulders where it is cut in an indicated A-line with a slight angle downwards towards the front. The hair is teased from the back of the crown to get this much volume.
Hairstyles and Photos: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photographer: Erwin Menzel, Düsseldorf