Gary Gill @ Monroe Hairdressing

Hairdressing for women
Gary Gill brings the boldness of short, crisp hairstyles alongside a captivating array of wind-fluffed textures. From tight ridges of waves to abundant curls and graceful length, his styles are certain to captivate and inspire countless minds.

Boyish Short Haircut

Boyish short haircut with a close crop around the ears
The art of a boyish short haircut entails a close crop around the ears and along the nape, complemented by a subtle spiking at the crown. A natural movement of hair creates a seamless transition from short to long, cascading gracefully over the model's eye with playful flips at the ends.

Short Smooth Layers

Hair cut into short smooth layers
A multitude of blonde and brown tones are cut into short, sleek layers that cascade towards the face and overlap at the top. Delicate, wispy strands of hair gently frame the sides, delicately skimming in front of the ears to accentuate the facial features. A touch of gloss will enhance the shine of this chic short crop.

Long Blonde Hair

Long blonde hair with waves that end below the shoulders
A satisfying sizzle of long blonde hair is artfully styled into rolls, waves, and flips, originating from the angled part. Both sides cascade with a graceful weight, tapering down just below the shoulders. Utilizing a medium curling iron will facilitate the creation of this elegant hairstyle.

Clusters of Curls

Short blonde hair with curls and waves along the front
An innovative sketch brings forth clusters of blonde curls, gathered around the model's head, complemented by deep waves framing the front, and playful flips of hair harmonizing with the strands along the sides. Experiment with your curling iron and add a spritz of gloss for a finishing touch.

Rebellious Hairstyle

Hair clipped high over the ears and short around the nape
A charmingly rebellious hairstyle is clipped short around the nape at the back, with the sides reaching high over the ears and gradually extending into a bit of length. The top is spiked and expertly chopped to accentuate every line and form of this distinctively unique hairstyle.

Windswept Look

Windswept look with wings along the sides for short hair
A windswept hairstyle is crafted with textured layers that sweep across the fringe and along the collar, while the crown boasts heavy texturing. Waves along the sides and over the top give the impression of a strong gulf breeze flowing through the model's platinum hair. To maintain this look, use gel and spray.
Hair: Gary Gill @ Monroe Hairdressing
Makeup: Irena Rogers
Clothes Stylist: Neil Stuart
Photography: Daniel O'Connell
Products: Wella Professionals
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