Very Short Hairstyles for Ladies (35)

Whether you have recently cut your hair or you're someone who has short hair all the time, short and very short hairstyles are practical and chic. From the bowl cut to the bob and the iconic pixie cut, there are so many short hair looks to choose from. Are you ready to take the plunge and go nice and short? Read on for the coolest short hairstyles!
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  • Very short haircut with layers for bright red hair
  • Short collar length hairstyle with choppy layers
  • Glossy pixie cut with partly bare ears
  • Adventurous short haircut with varying hair lengths
  • Short eccentric haircut with a helmet shape
  • Classical short hairstyle with a longer soft neck section
  • Haircut with a geometrical shape for shiny brown hair
  • Angled chin length bob with bangs
  • Short retro style for curly hair
  • Short vintage inspired hairstyle with waves and angles
  • Blonde pixie cut with an elongated nape section
  • Purdy inspired bob with a blunt cut nape
  • Modified wedge with razor cutting and blunt bangs
  • Daring short haircut with different hair lengths
  • Dramatic short haircut with tapering at the back of the head
  • Short blonde hair with brown streaks and a longer front section
  • Black hair with a splash of red coloring
  • Short hairstyle with clipper cut sides and long tendrils
  • Chin length bob with styling for a crinkled surface
  • Short bob with graduation for roundness at the back
  • Funky short hairstyle with razor cutting
  • High-impact look with curly short hair
  • Wearable and versatile short haircut for women
  • Short hairstyle with cherub-like curls
  • Short hair with long bangs and violet highlights
  • Bob with long sweeping bangs and a plunging cutting line
  • Short hairstyle with loose and fluffy curls
  • Short bob with hair styling for extreme lift
  • Flexible pixie cut with bangs and small sideburns
  • more short hairstyles

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