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Get The Look

Andrew Collinge Art Team

  • bob with gloss
  • flared out bob
  • glossy pixie
  • pink hair
  • silver hair tones
  • piled short hair
  • woven hair
  • woven updo
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The title of this collection could not be more clear. And once you take a look at the hairstyles you will want to Get The Look too! Think about the mid 70s and early 80s, New York City, Andy Warhol... you get the idea. Pop Art inspired metropolitan looks that flatter in the daytime, but look especially stunning in the strobe lights and under the mirrored disco ball.
The hair colors are highly reflective with their immense gloss and radiance. Short is the way to go, but with a lot of finesse in the shape and the geometric elements that can be in the cut and in the color as well.
Sharp angles, straight lines and sleek surfaces are combined with undercuts for even more daring styling variations. Longer hair is intricately woven and pinned up to the most artistic creations. Golden blonde, platinum or brunette are touched by a master's brush with shades of fuchsia, purple or blush pink and are waiting for you to take your pick!
Hair: Amie Frew - Andrew Collinge Art Team
Make-up: Liz Collinge
Styling: Jiv
Photography: Roberto Aguilar