Get The Look by Andrew Collinge

Pop art inspired hairstyles
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The title of this collection could not be more clear. And once you take a look at the hairstyles, you will want to Get The Look too! Think about the mid 70s and early 80s, New York City, Andy Warhol... you get the idea. Pop Art inspired metropolitan looks that flatter in the daytime, but look especially stunning in the strobe lights and under the mirrored disco ball.
The hair colors are highly reflective with their immense gloss and radiance. Short is the way to go, but with a lot of finesse in the shape and the geometric elements that can be in the cut and in the color as well.

China Girl

Bob with gloss and sharp cutting lines
David Bowie's famous song might have described her. The perfect bob cut with laser-sharp lines will always have this avant-garde edge and with a clearly defined triangle in purple that includes a part of the fringe and both sides, it is catapulted to real stardom.
Good styling is the key to the success of this hairstyle and the amazing gloss effect. Smoothing products and a hair iron are the tools of choice.

Flared Out Sides

Short bob with flared out sides
The short bob does not need dramatic hair color effects to blow the competition out of the scene. The cut offers numerous ways of styling and your imagination is the only limit. A crimping iron can do true magic if applied only to the sides, leaving the straight fringe in its beautiful sleek serenity.
The tiny waves make the hair flare out and give the look a trapeze shape. Softness and geometry do mix well and the outcome it an extremely cultivated, sophisticated look that is also exotic and very artistic.

Glossy Pixie Cut

Pixie haircut with glossy styling
Posh with the organic shapes of flower petals, a haircut for the more daring ones among us. The cool features are almost too many to list and the more you look at it, the more fine detail you will discover. This great look really has many facets that hide in the shapes, textures and colors.
The top hair of the pixie cut is long and sleek, dyed very dark with a streak of gold that runs from the back all the way into the long and swirled out fringe. The undercut sides are very short and also executed with high precision. A powdery purple on them makes for a sizzling contrast.

Pastel and Platinum

Short blonde hair with pink accents
This short haircut was tailored to fit her features and the lines of her head. Cut with laser-sharp precision and then dyed with a vision of geometry, but not in a random shape, but as a clear triangle in the bangs.
A soft pink goes well with the bright platinum. It is intense enough, but keeps the contrast still soft and does not dominate the entire look. The front was cut in a slight angle and the finish is all about sleek and shiny.

Silver and Gold

Pixie with silver hair tones
Sleek and textured surfaces set themselves apart also with their color. One a warm, light golden tone and the other one in the back and around the sides is a brilliant silver/platinum blonde tone that sparkles like diamonds. How can a pixie haircut be more precious than this?
The fine contrasts support the geometrical shape of the short cut and show the talent of a fine art sculptor. This hairstyle is not made for staying at home, so put on your gear and head out into the world.

Do a Dollop

Short blonde hair with piled up styling
Balance your asymmetrical shoulder line with a short hairstyle that redefines dimension. A whipped cream soft wave of vanilla blonde hair is piled up high for this feminine quiff of pure fashion joy. Short sides with their more somber texture keep things grounded.
There are even waves within the waves and just a little bit of messiness to enhance the volume and sex appeal. A great haircut for the club and other glamorous appearances.

The Ultimate Weave

Woven hair
Not the weave you usually associate with hair. This hair is really woven with spectacular skill and patience. The fine art of textile techniques was applied to medium blonde, long hair and the outcome is just stunning.
Shaped like a futuristic headdress however with a silhouette that reminds of the feminine high volume styles of vintage years the fine design and definition of the woven parts stands in an enchanting contrast to a fine mist like texture of the leftover hair. Don't even try to do this one yourself and when you see your stylist allow for some time.

Cosmic Cone

Woven updo with a cone shape
To take the already extraordinary style of the woven tresses another step up, the hairy finesse was now shaped into a "basket" cone that sits unicorn style above her forehead. Geometry meets romance with the old-fashioned pattern and the postmodern shape.
A halo of free flying fibers of hair catches and radiates the light to an outer worldly glow. If you are looking for a hairstyle like no other, then this is the one for you!
Hair: Amie Frew - Andrew Collinge Art Team
Make-up: Liz Collinge
Styling: Jiv
Photography: Roberto Aguilar
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