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Prism by Aveda

Led by vice president Antoinette Beenders the Aveda creative team created this great collection of hairstyles that they simply call the "Prism Collection." The styles offer distinct textures and unique shaping. The colors in the collection of styles are truly what set it apart.
  • curls
  • short hairstyle with strong lift
  • bold male look
  • chopped long hair
  • purple hair color
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Using contrasts is the theme of the collection. When you think about a prism you think about the intensity of the colors involved and that is what this collection aimed to capture. The haircuts are geometric shapes that add intensity to the style. The colors are offset by the unique cuts of the collection. Shades are graduated and reflective in nature. The volume of the hairstyles gives an extra hue to the colors that are used.
When it comes to fashion, hair is an essential part. These styles directly link the worlds together combining hairstyles with clothing styles. Playing with colors and folds to create looks that are truly works of art.
Creative Direction: Antoinette Beenders for Aveda
Hair Color: Ian Michael Black
Hair Stylists: Kurt Kueffner, Ricardo Dinis
Makeup: Rudy Miles
Photography: Miguel Reveriego
Wardrobe Stylist: Marie Chaix