Widow's Peak & Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal
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Q: Hello, Im just wondering, what can I do with my hair if I have a "widow's peak"? Is there any way I can have it go the other way/remove it besides laser/electrolysis? Thank you.
A: Well, the first thing I would recommend for dealing with an unwanted widow's peak is to try a hairstyle that has bangs. A triangular fringe area, or in consideration of your widow's peak diamond-shaped, should work well for you. A fringe (or bangs) can be incorporated into any style and would eliminate the need to use a method for removal of the hair in the widow's peak.
I hesitate to advocate removing a widow’s peak, because unless you use electrolysis or laser hair removal (which can take several repetitions of the procedures for complete success) you are looking at starting a process that will need to be maintained.
Laser hair removal and electrolysis are currently the only “permanent” forms of hair removal that I am aware of, and both are fairly expensive, given the likelihood that multiple treatments will be needed for permanent results. Both procedures rely on causing sufficient damage to the follicle to destroy its ability to grow hair.
Of the temporary hair removal methods, shaving, waxing and depilatory creams, any would be usable in this situation. The results will depend on factors like the color of the hair and the hair’s texture. Lighter colors of hair will leave less visible stubble, while darker hair may leave a shadow, even when a depilatory cream is used to dissolve the hair to a point just below the skin’s surface.
Fine hair may also leave less visible stubble (even in darker shades of hair) and may be softer and less noticeable as it grows out, while coarser hair textures may leave more visible stubble and will be more noticeable as it begins to re-grow.
If you’re intent on removing the widow’s peak, you might want to consider getting an edger or beard trimmer which will allow you to clipper the hair off to a very short length and use a bleaching cream on the stubble to make it less visible. The edger/beard trimmer gives you much better control for reshaping the hairline to the way you want it.
There’s more likelihood of mishap and removing more hair than intended if you use shaving, waxing or depilatory creams. The bleaching cream used after clippering the hair to scalp length allows you to have extra time in between clippering because the stubble will be less noticeable.
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