Hair Removal Sprays

Hair remover spray
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Q: I've heard of hair removal spray, and I wonder if this is 100% safe. Are there any side effects? If there are no side effects, then why do some women still use wax to remove hair on their legs?
Why don't they simply use hair removal spray? It should be easier and painless. Thanks for your clarifications.

A: Hair removal sprays are called depilatories. Depilatories can be found as creams, lotions, gels, foams or sprays and work by dissolving the hair to which it is applied. For many women it is the easiest and most comfortable method for removing unwanted hair.
However, depilatories work with varying levels of effectiveness depending on the texture of the hair to be removed. Some women find that the hair on their legs (and other areas) is too thick or coarse to be dissolved easily and that the depilatories don't work as well for them.
There is also the fact that some people have very sensitive skin and these depilatories can be irritating, since they are effectively caustic formulas. For some women, even the mildest depilatory is like applying acid directly to the skin.
The choice to use a method of hair removal is based entirely on the person's preferences and the effectiveness of the method on their hair type. Since depilatory sprays don't work equally well for all women, there are still women who will need to have some other means to remove unwanted hair.
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