Thick Coarse Hairs

Neck view of hair
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Q: I have found over the past few months more and more thick coarse jet black hairs amongst my dark brown hair. It is wiry and like horse hair. Why is this so? Is there anything I can do about it?
A: My first thought is to ask you specifically if this unusual hair growth is only occurring on your head. If you have any other unwanted hair growth, such as on the face, arms backs of the hands, etc., you may be dealing with hypertrichosis.
If not, there are many other causes of changes in hair growth. Hormonal imbalance, endocrine imbalance, medications and birth control pills, etc., all can contribute to the development of unusual hair formations.
I also suggest examining your scalp closely for signs of moles or freckling that would indicate skin abnormalities that would affect the follicles in your scalp.
If you think any of these possible causes apply to you, please see your doctor immediately to make sure there is no medical cause for the hair growth.
It is possible that these hairs are simply part of your genetic makeup. In this case, you have a few options. One is to be sure to condition the hair deeply to make sure the hair is a soft as possible, and help these hairs blend more readily with the other hair of your head. In some cases, you may want to use a chemical texture service (perm, body wave, or thio-straightening) to reconfigure the hair into a uniform wave pattern and texture.
If the color becomes an issue, you can always use a color process to re-color your hair to an approximation of your natural color or perhaps a shade lighter.
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