Shave Arm and Leg Hair

Philips Norelco electric shaver for men
Q: Can I use a men's electric razor to shave the hair on my arms and legs? I'm a girl.
A: Sure. Men's and women's razors are usually only slightly different in their practical aspects, with the greatest differences being aesthetic.
You may, however, want to keep in mind the different shaving circumstances for which most of these electric razors are designed. Since a man's razor is intended for use daily or almost-daily, it is designed to deal best with short, stubbly hairs.
In many cases, a young woman may not shave her arms and legs frequently enough to keep the hair that short, and so you may find you get better results when you trim down the hair to a stubble length and then use the razor function.
On the positive side, many men's electric razors include a trimming apparatus which will make the job easy to accomplish.
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