Hairline Hairs Removal

Woman with hairline hairs
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Q: I have an uncommon problem: my forehead is a bit too small. How do I go about removing hairline hairs? Is there a specialist who does this?
A: The removal of unwanted hairs is managed in similar ways, regardless of their placement. It all depends on the level of permanency you desire.
Clipping and shaving, depilatory creams, and waxing methods will all allow you to remove unwanted hair from targeted areas, but these are only temporary solutions. Hair removed with these methods can begin to become visible again in days or weeks depending on the method chosen and the depth at which the hair is removed.
For more permanent hair removal, you would need to resort to electrolysis or laser hair removal, which while claiming "permanent" hair removal, often require multiple applications before the effects become "permanent". These methods require the services of trained and licensed technicians, and I would recommend going through your doctor or dermatologist for a referral to ensure you get serviced by a qualified individual.
The aim with these "permanent" methods is to destroy the follicle that produces the hair in the unwanted area. Electrolysis uses an electrical charge conducted along the hair shaft to burn the follicle, while the laser hair removal accomplishes the same goal using pulses of laser light.
The methods can be expensive, not only in their per session cost, but also in the fact that multiple sessions are often required for lasting results. These services are also unlikely to be covered by any insurance plan, since they are primarily elective, cosmetic procedures.
You are going to want to review your personal situation and evaluate what is the best option for you. Speak with a doctor for information on the costs involved in the permanent services and ask for a frank estimate on the likely overall cost before you commit to anything.
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