Waxed Eyelashes

Green eye and eyelashes
Photo: Depositphotos
Q: I was wondering if you accidentally waxed your eyelashes off, will they grow back? And if so how long does it take?
A: Whether or not your lashes will grow back depends on whether or not the follicles in the eyelids were damaged as a part of the waxing accident and how severe said damage is.
Assuming there was damage that didn't result in permanent inability to grow lashes you would have to wait until the follicles healed fully and resumed lash production. At this point new lashes typically grow in 4 to 8 weeks.
It is important to remember that lashes grow in cycles the same as other hair on the body. The typical growth cycle of a lash seems to run approximately three months. When you lose a lash in normal shedding, it is soon replaced. However, when the loss is caused by trauma, it can take longer to resume a normal appearance.
That being said, given a situation where there was no damage to the follicle in the waxing accident and the follicles growth cycle had just begun, it could take as much as 5 months to get your lashes back to normal (if not longer). The restoration process would likely be gradual, since individual follicles follow their own timers and can have variations in growth rates.
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