New Hair Growth

New growth on the forehead in front of the hair
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Q: I am 29 years old and just started growing new hair. Is this normal? I have new 'bangs' that are growing all around the front of my hair. They are getting to a length that is annoying and causing me difficulty when styling my hair (since I don't have bangs). Why am I growing new hair now? What can I do about it? Thanks!
A: As frustrating as it is, this may be “normal” for you. It sounds like you have a case of vellus hair changing into terminal hair at the hairline. Vellus hair is the fine soft translucent hairs that cover the face and most of the body. Terminal hairs are thicker and darker like the ones found on the head, and in the armpits and pubic areas.
For some women, hormonal changes can cause vellus hair to become terminal hair in unwanted places. For example, women in pre- and post-menopausal stages can develop facial when the vellus hairs there begin to transform into terminal hair. In other cases it may simply be encoded in your genetic makeup that the vellus hairs at the hairline of the scalp start becoming terminal at this point.
There is also the possibility that it’s not actually “new hair” but hairs that are re-growing after the old hairs were shed. Not being able to see the growth personally, I can only make assumptions based on what you describe. I do, however, want you to think about the possibility that it isn’t new hair at all, but rather broken hairs. Could it be that the hair at the front hairline may have been damaged and that what you are seeing is actually the remains of hairs that were broken off by styling damage?
If it is hormonal, you’ll probably see terminal hairs “pop up” in other odd places. If it’s just your genetic makeup, this may be the only area you’ll see this kind of change. If the problem is breakage, you should evaluate your styling techniques and make sure you’re protecting your hair from further damage.
If you’re sure that this isn’t a matter of styling damage, I can suggest a couple of things: one, that you use a trimmer or edger tool to clean up the shorter hairs at the front hairline, or two, you can use a wax process to remove the unwanted hairs. Unless the hairs are very dark, the first option would be easiest for you. Just be careful not to trim too far into the hairline.
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