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Male chest hair
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Q: I recently used this hair removal spray, to remove some hair on my chest. Unfortunately, I made a mess of my chest, by removing some and not in other places. I want to get the hair back on my chest and I would like to know how long it would take. I want to wear a bathing suit in the summer and I don't want to be bald in some areas and very hairy in others.
Please respond, I am very afraid that I will stay like this for a long time. It is the brand name deleted Hair Removal and it says to spray on the hair that is to be removed and wait 4 minutes and then with a damp cloth wipe off. Well, I tried, but it didn't work. I hope you can help me.

A: The brand you used is a reputable product line, but it’s likely that the problem is the fact that as a man, your hair will tend to be thicker than most of the customers for these types of products.
Often, in thicker hair types, you have to leave the product on longer for it to work, and it can take multiple applications for full removal. This can be problematic if there is sensitivity to the skin in using this product.
If your skin isn’t showing sensitivity to the product, simply reapply the product and leave it on for an extra two minutes before attempting to wipe it away. If the hair doesn’t come away cleanly when you test wipe, reapply the product to the area you wiped, and wait another two-three minutes and try again.
You can also help to “prepare” the hair for removal by taking a hot shower before hand and applying the product to the hair while the body and hairs are still warm. The hot shower will soften the hairs and make them absorb the product better.
As to the re-growth issue: the rate of hair growth varies from person to person, but you should start to see some re-growth of the hair in the areas where it was removed within two weeks. The good news is that body hair is genetically coded to grow only to a certain length, so the new growth will catch up the rest of the hair and you should have a normal looking torso by bathing suit season.
If you opt not to continue removing the hair, and don’t get re-growth after three weeks in the areas where the hair already removed, I suggest you visit the company’s website for a means to contact them and explain your situation. Their website can be reached at www.insert their company
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