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Remove White Hairs

Q: If I remove some white hairs using tweezers, would these white hairs re-grow again? If yes, after how long they will re-grow? Does the same apply for black or blonde hair? Thank you in advance.
A: Hair removal is always a tricky business, because even with the "permanent" methods, you don't always get "permanent" results. The reason is that in order to have truly permanent removal of the hair, you have to destroy the follicle.
With plucking hairs, this means that you have to pull the hair out and remove the entire root, or enough of it to sufficiently damage the follicle to prevent it from being able to produce hair. This is true regardless of the pigmentation of the hair in question: black, blonde, or white (un-pigmented).
If you pluck the hair and it doesn't sufficiently damage the follicle/root then it will re-grow at the normal growth rate for your hair. The average person's hair grows at a rate of - per month, so you would probably begin to see a reemergence of the hair after about a week.
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