How To Bleach Arm & Leg Hair

Cream hair bleach
Photo: Wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock
Q: How can I bleach my arm hair and leg hair? What product should I use?
A: The product you need is called "cream bleach". It is a bleaching agent in a cream formula that is designed to be gentle enough to avoid irritating the skin, while still being able to lighten the hair to a less-visible transparency.
Cream bleach is available in different strengths for use in different areas of the body that are more or less sensitive. The type you will want for arm and leg hair bleaching is usually referred to as "cream bleach for the body".
The specific product (brand) you might choose is a matter of personal preference, and what might be available to you in your area and via mail-order. There are dozens of cream bleach makers out there and their pricing is nearly as widely varied.
It is recommended that you choose a brand with which you are familiar, or at least one about which you can find enough information to make you feel secure in using it.
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