How To Remove Upper Lip Hair

A girl's upper lip
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Q: How can I remove my upper lip hair? What is the best method to remove it? I'm a girl.
A: Well, as with guys, you could always shave your upper lip. It has the benefit of being quick and easy, but has the negative of regrowth being stubbly and irritating. Most women prefer one of two methods to get rid of unwanted facial hair: wax or depilatory creams.
Waxing facial hair for many women means a trip to the salon or day spa and having it done professionally. This, however, is too expensive for some women, so there are do-it-yourself alternatives. You can visit your beauty supply store and find prepared wax strips designed for facial hair removal. If you read and follow the directions carefully, the results will be satisfactory and longer-lasting than shaving would be.
Depilatory creams for removing facial hair are sometimes problematic in that when the hair is sufficiently coarse that it becomes more imperative to get rid of it, it is too coarse for most facial hair removers to dissolve easily. Stronger formulas can be too harsh for use on the face and therefore the result is that you either have poor results, or risk chemical irritation in order to get rid of the unwanted hair.
Because of this, selecting depilatory creams for facial hair removal requires careful contemplation and research. On the plus side hair removed with depilatory creams grow back with a softer feel because the ends are tapered and therefore the skin feels smoother longer.
If you feel you have a more serious problem with facial hair growth, you can talk to your doctor about medical options that may be appropriate for you. Only your doctor can determine if you would be a candidate for these prescription drugs but for some women they are a real benefit.
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