Sugar Waxing

Waxing to remove hair
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Q: Is sugar waxing an efficient hair removal method? How does it work and does it hurt?
A: When done by an experienced operator, sugar waxing or sugaring is a very effective, natural way of hair removal, giving results that last as much as six to eight weeks.
It has two variations - a gel and a paste formulation. Both are made with natural ingredients like sugar, water and lemon juice, but they are applied and removed in different ways.
The paste applied to the hair in the direction opposite the way the hair grows. Then once it dries it is flicked off in the direction of the hair growth, taking the hairs with it.
The gel is applied like traditional wax and is applied in the direction the hair grows, then removed in the opposite direction.
The benefits are that an experienced operator can do the process very quickly using the paste, and both the paste and gel are water-soluble so they wash off very easily and cleanly.
The negatives are that the operators who actually use the authentic sugaring formulas are rare. Many so-called "sugaring" techniques are done using a blended formula that uses a wax base is truly no different than traditional waxing.
It is also imperative that the salon follows all sanitary guidelines and safe practices. This means never using the same application stick twice (dipping it into the container after applying on you), always having fresh linen or paper on the working surface and wearing gloves at all times. For full safety and sanitation guidelines for spas in your area, check with the local Secretary of State's website under licensing.
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