Cutting Hair Q&A (6)

Hair cutting scissors and razor
What is the difference between convex edge shears and beveled edge shears?
What is the difference between long graduated cuts and short graduated cuts?
What is the difference between long layers and short layers when cutting hair?
What is the meaning of "point of balance" when cutting hair?
What is the minimum amount of time a hairdresser needs for a long hair to pixie makeover?
What is the name of the thinning technique when hair is held perpendicular to the scalp?
What is the meaning of "breaking perimeters"?
What is the Pyrametrics haircutting method?
What is the procedure for having your head buzzed, but having a logo on your head?
What is Z-cut layering?
What products and tools will I need to shave my boyfriend's head?
What type of thinning do you recommend for my very thick hair?
What's a good number of teeth in one sided thinning shears?
What size scissors are best for a beginner?
What type of cut is there to make the hair fall fuller?
What type of layers do I need for my hair that has a tendency to frizz?
What type of neck closure for a cape is going to last longer, velcro or snaps?
What will give the best results: dry haircutting or wet haircutting?
When someone has choppy layers, what technique do you use to get rid of them?
Where should I stand when cutting a back-angled bob?
Why can't I cut hair with household shears?
Why do face shapes need to be considered when cutting hair?
Why do hairdressers always cut your hair too short?
Why do some hairdressers use a neck strip when they cape you?
Why do so many haircuts go wrong in hair salons?
Why is hair being shampood before cutting it?
Why is it not a good idea to have a shaped bob if you have a fuzzy hairline at the back?
Why is it that my hairdresser always cuts my bangs too short?
Why is the back of long hair sometimes cut in a V-shape and sometimes in a straight line?
Will it be possible to trim my bangs in summer without having to deal with an uneven forehead skin tone?
Will robots ever take over from hairdressers and cut or style people’s hair?
Will the ends of my hair stay straight when I ask a stylist to layer it?
Will thinning scissors damage my hair?
Would cutting my hair into layers make it easier to maintain?
Would notching my fine straight hair make me end up with baby hairs on my crown?
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