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Remove Choppy Layers

Q: When someone has choppy layers, what technique do you use to get rid of them?
A: Well, the way to remove choppy layers is to re-cut the hair in such a way as to even out the layering, or to allow the hair to grow out and trim the hair in such a way as to remove the layering altogether. The course of action you choose depends on the transition you want to make in the styling.
If you simply want to keep a layered look but without the choppiness, you will want to let the hair grow sufficiently to enable you to retain the length desired, and do maintenance cuts where you "even out" the varied lengths present in the choppy layering.
hairstyle with choppy layers
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When elevated in thin segments, the hair that has choppy layers will have "points" that are apparent at the ends. You can simply cut these points off, to create smooth layering, or cut the points at a middle-range between the longest and shortest lengths present in order to keep as much length as possible and gradually remove the choppy effect.
The steeper the "chopping" into the length of the layers, the longer it will take to grow them out and remove them through trimming. The alternative, of course, is to go with the shortest available length and start growing the hair out fresh from this point with smooth layering.
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