Adding Layers to Hair

Hairdresser who is adding layers to hair
Photo: Roman Kosolapov/Shutterstock
Q: I have shoulder length hair, and it doesn't look good if I don't flat iron it after blowdrying. Would cutting my hair into layers make it easier to maintain?
A: Adding layers to the hair will change the hairstyle altogether. The reason the long straight hair looks good after flat-ironing is that the outer layer of hair is smoothed into a glossy, even sheet.
By cutting the hair into a layered style, you would create a situation where the ends of the hair on the outer layers stop at different points in the silhouette. This makes it more likely that the hairs would turn up at the ends as the day (or evening) wears on and the hair would soon look mussed - or worse - frizzy.
You might discuss with your stylist whether internal layers (layering the hair that lies closer to the head) would help you with your situation. It would remove bulk, give the hair less fullness in the silhouette, and still keep the exterior lengths uniform for a smooth surface as you iron it.
You should also be using a shampoo and conditioner designed to smooth the hair and help reduce frizz. And remember: only shampoo the hair when it becomes soiled, but use conditioner every day.
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