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Dry or Wet Haircutting

Q: What will give the best results: dry haircutting or wet haircutting? Or should hair just be damp for better results? Does the style or length make a difference when you have to choose between dry and wet cutting?
A: In cutting the hair with scissors or a razor tool, you want to make sure the hair is at least damp. Preferably, the hair should be freshly-washed and towel-dried, and you should keep a spray-bottle handy to keep the hair moist. The reason for this is that if the hair is dry when it is cut the ends that are removed tend to disperse in a cloud-like effect and get everywhere. Dry hair is also harder to control and harder to match-up in the haircutting process. That means that the wet hair provides a more precise cutting medium.
cutting wet hair

If you are cutting the hair with clippers, you want the hair to be dry. Clipper-cutting wet hair causes the clippers to become clogged as the hair pieces cut off end up sticking to the blades and the guides being used.
Of course, there are styles that are best-suited to specific tools. In fact, specific styles are achieved only because you use a certain tool. Length plays a part in the appropriateness of a tool, too. Cutting a flattop crew cut with a scissors is doable, just as cutting an A-line bob can be done with clippers, but using the right tool for the style makes creating these looks infinitely easier.
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