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Layers for Frizzy Fine Hair

Q: I have fine textured wavy hair that has a tendency to frizz. I want to achieve a full look but also want movement and bounce. I cannot seem to find the right type of layers for it. To have no layers would look wrong on me. I have a rectangular face and I'm in my late 30s. When I get long layers they look okay for a while and then start to look thin and straggly after a couple of months like I actually need a hair cut! I am trying to keep my hair long e.g. the length is about 2 inches past my shoulders.
The last time I got my hair cut my hairdresser advised me to grow out the layers and suggested she put in concave layers, cutting bluntly. These were okay but I lost bounce and definition to my hair and it looked strange with the shorter part looking more full and wavy than the long part which just hung. Should I grow the layers out a bit more and just layer the last inches or so? If so what do I ask for?

A: Based on your description, it sounds to me like you need what is referred to as “box layers” The hair is given a blunt cut at the perimeter (along the bottom edge) and then layers are added along the interior without making the end of the hair appear too frizzed or wispy.
box layers
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Using ‘box layering’ allows you to have the hair avoid that “straggled” look as it grows, and evenly distributes the bulk so that you can have plenty of movement throughout the hair.
Even when the hair is being layered you want the stylist to “club cut” the ends rather than to texturize them or razor cut them. Texturing techniques and razor cutting on fine textured hair (especially wavy fine hair) only leaves the hair to look sparse and tatty as it grows out. Club-cutting keep the layers evenly distributed and will help the look stay better-looking longer.
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