Hair Cutting and Face Shapes

Face shape
Photo: Andriano/Shutterstock
Q: Why do face shapes need to be considered when cutting hair?
A: It's all a matter of design and aesthetics. The shape of the human face can be enhanced or exaggerated by the way the hair is cut. Since in design, the oval face is the most aesthetically appealing, that is the shape we try to create through the use of different haircuts and styling techniques.
For example, if a woman who has a round face is given a blunt cut that falls just below the ears and bangs that are cut straight across the forehead just above the brow line, you create some very strong horizontal lines across the face and make her face seem to be even wider than it actually is. Conversely, a woman whose face is long and narrow would be made to appear more so by a straight hairstyle with a center parting and length below the neck.
As hairstylists we are trained to examine the face shapes and understand what elements of hair design will help to create the appearance of an oval-shaped face. This can mean adding height on top combined with closer-cut sides and extra length to balance a round face, or leaving bulk on the sides and styling the hair in outward sweeping curves to widen the appearance of a narrow face.
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