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Fuller Hair Cut

Q: What type of cut is there to make hair fall fuller?
A: The type of cut to make the hair appear fuller depends largely on the texture and wave pattern of the hair. For example, an individual whose hair is coarse and wavy may find their hair lies flatter and smoother when cut in a long blunt style, and by cutting the hair into layers the hair's natural wave will exert itself and create a fuller looking style.
However, the same may not be true if the hair is fine in texture and almost certainly won't be true if the hair is straight.
You can be relatively safe in assuming that blunt cuts give a greater opportunity for fuller looking hair than layered cuts, but it is really a matter of shape. You need to take into consideration the hair's texture and wave pattern and how it will respond to the way you intend to cut it. You then cut the hair in order to use its wave and texture to create the shape you desire.
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