Bangs Cut Too Short

Unhappy girl with bangs that are too short
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Q: Why is it that my hairdresser always cuts my bangs too short? I always ask for bangs that at least cover my eyebrows and each time she cuts them shorter. Is it extremely difficult to cut bangs or is she unable to cut hair properly?
A: It honestly sounds like she isn't listening to your requests. But let's look at this for a moment and see if we can discern a reason for her behavior.
How long have you been seeing this hairdresser? Often when a hairdresser works with a client for a long period of time, he or she will become used to the way the individual wears their hair. If the desire for longer bangs is something that came into to play after several previous services, then it may be a matter of habit. The stylist sees you in her chair and thinks of how she’s cut the hair before and simply does what she’s done in the past.
She may be so caught up in remembering how she cut your hair before that she doesn’t register that you want it differently.
Have you addressed the issue with the hairdresser? Did you give specific parameters for how you would like the fringe cut BEFORE he began cutting the hair, and have you said to him after he’s cut the fringe too short, “That is not what I asked for?” You must always remember to be VERY specific, if the stylist doesn’t remember how long your bangs were cut the last time, he may think he’s left them longer each time and simply doesn’t realize his mistake.
Furthermore, if you don’t address problems immediately, you become partly to blame if they repeat. You MUST always be your own advocate in situations like this. If you are a regular customer, you have a right to expect that your dissatisfaction will be an important factor.
My advice is that the next time you go to the salon, before you let your hairdresser start touching your hair, you explain clearly and politely that you have been wanting to have your bangs left longer - and specify the length – and that each time they are still being cut shorter than you requested. Explain that you hope that the problem can be resolved without further issue, but that if it happens again, you will probably need to find a hairdresser who will listen to your requests.
Yes, the hairdresser is the professional in this situation, but his or her livelihood relies on client satisfaction, and if he/she can’t meet your wishes, you really do need to look elsewhere. After all, you are paying for the services.
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