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Cut Hair with Household Shears

Q: Why can't I cut hair with household shears? Professional hair cutting scissors are so expensive!
woman cutting her own hair with household shears A: You CAN cut hair with household shears, but think of this: would you peel an apple with a meat cleaver? You could certainly do it, but a paring knife is sized to allow you better control so that you can peel the apple with more precision and better results.
It's the same with haircutting scissors. They are designed to allow you to hold them with more stability which lets you more precisely cut the hair into the cut you wish to create, and to do so more safely both for you and your client.
Speaking of which, I am going to presume that you are NOT a cosmetologist asking this question. Because, frankly, I can't think of any client who would walk into a salon, see the stylist cutting hair with household shears and NOT turn on their heels and leave.
Finally, with a little investigation, you can easily find haircutting scissors that will fit your budget. While it is true that there are some professional shears that are very costly, you can find "Hair Styling Kits" that contain shears, thinning shears, styling razor and comb for as little as $50, not to mention barbering scissors made by the same makers as most household shears for under $20.
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