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Cut Back-Angled Bob

Q: When I cut a back-angled bob do I move around the head or do I stand at the back and bring all the hair to the centre of the head for cutting?
back angled bob A: The object of the back-angled bob is to create a flat plane in the back as your cutting line. You use the length at the back as a guide and simply bring the hair in the front of the head to the back and cut it using the established stationary guide.
In some cases, you will want to blend the cutting line in the back to allow the hair to form a curved cutting line for a more organic look, but this usually applies only when you are cutting the back-angled bob at a shorter length.
Your best option for body placement is in back of the "client" and to one side. The side on which you should stand depends on whether you are left or right handed and the side of the head you are cutting. You should always position yourself so that the hair you are cutting is directly in front of you, allowing you to better judge the lengths.
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