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Buzzed Head with Logo

Q: I wonder what the procedure is for having your head buzzed, but having a logo on your head (like a Nike swoosh, for example).
A: Well, it's actually both far simpler and far more complicated than you might guess. Having your head buzzed is simply a matter of having the hair cut using clippers and a length guard to ensure that the hair is cropped to the desired length. Once you become proficient with the use of clippers and guards, you can be fairly assured of getting satisfactory results when buzz-cutting the hair.
Head with a buzzed pattern
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As for getting designs, patterns, logos or other images in your hairstyle, you need a certain amount of talent and artistic skill above and beyond proficiency with the tools you will use. There are a variety of tools that can be used. Edgers, trimmers and mini-clippers can be found with a wide variety of cutting edge widths. You can also find razors that are smaller and narrower that can be used for shaving out patterns and designs close to the scalp.
Some people opt for a "non-cutting" method when trying to create designs or images in buzzed hairstyles. You can use a thick depilatory cream to dissolve the hair you want to remove, or if your hair is dark, you might choose instead to use a lightening formula to bleach the hair to transparency and therefore give the illusion that the hair has been removed. These methods simply require that you "paint" the design onto the area and allow them to process. The mixture for the depilatory or lightening mix needs to be very thick to prevent running, or you will end up with less than satisfying results.
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