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Z-Cut Layering

Q: I used to have a hairdresser (years ago) that cut my course, thick, unruly hair very well. However, he moved! Anyway, he used to layer my hair a lot - and it was beautiful. He told me that the type of layering (or cut) was called, "Z-cut layering". I can't seem to find it anywhere online. Does this exist? Or did I get the terminology wrong? And if I did - can you name some possible layering techniques he might have done?
A: "Z-Cut" layering is a version of what is more commonly known as "point cutting". However, while most modern point cutting techniques focus on near perpendicular scissor positioning (cutting with the shears pointing into the ends of the hair) the "Z-cut" uses an angle to thereby cut the ends of the hair into a zig-zag effect.
This type of layering works best with the type of hair you describe yourself having: thick, coarse and unruly (presumed wavy). It evenly distributes the bulk of the hair, and adds definition and texture to the ends of the hair at the same time.
In order to get the same kinds of results from your current stylist, explain that the previous stylist would use a deeply-angled (probably 30-45 degree) point-cutting technique to texture the hair as he cut the layers in order to distribute the bulk and help maintain the look of the natural wave.
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