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Capes with Velcro or Snap Closure

Q: What type of neck closure for a hair cutting cape is going to last longer, velcro or snaps?
A: Both snap and Velcro closures have good longevity, and will generally last about the same length of time. (It is more likely that the stitching along the edging will begin to fray before the snaps or Velcro wear out.)
However, the greater factor to consider is that of cleanliness. Since you are dealing with hair fibers, Velcro closures are prone to becoming "clogged" with hairs, which can weaken their grip on the counterpart component, but is also very unsightly and requires a lot of effort to clear out. The clearing process when this happens can also result in damage to the velcro's attaching ability.
Hair salon cape with snap closure

Snaps on the other hand, are a case of when they do fail, the component that fails generally becomes useless and is mostly irreparable.
So, it boils down to a preference for you, the stylist, and the comfort level of your client. Snap-style hair cutting capes offer secure closures, and work especially well with salon towels as a neck protector. Velcro closures offer a more gradient fit and are better when you are using neck strips for protections.
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