Crossing Your Arms or Legs During a Haircut

A woman with a bob haircut in progress wearing a haircutting cape
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Q: I was told never to cross my arms or legs when getting my hair cut at the hairdresser. What is the logic behind this? Why can't I sit the way I want? The hairdresser won't be able to see that anyway because I'm wearing a cape. Can you give me good reasons and convince me not to cross my legs or arms during a haircut again?
A: Make no mistake, an experienced hairdresser sees more than you think, even when it happens under the cape. It's highly likely that the hairdresser will be able to tell if you cross your legs or arms while you're under the cape. A typical haircutting cape is made of smooth and supple nylon or other synthetic material that is lightweight. These capes are designed to fit loosely over the client's body, and the supple material will follow the shape of the body and reveal whether your arms or legs are crossed.
When getting a haircut, it is natural to want to find a comfortable position and you may be tempted to cross your legs or arms under the cape to get more comfortable. However, crossing your legs or arms when getting a haircut is not recommended, as it can mislead the hairdresser and make it difficult for him or her to cut your hair evenly and accurately. When you cross your legs or arms, your body is no longer in a neutral position, which can affect the way your head is positioned and make it hard for the hairdresser to cut your hair evenly.
When you cross your legs, your pelvis becomes tilted and your body weight is not evenly distributed, which can cause your spine to curve slightly. This can cause your head to tilt to one side or the other, which will affect the symmetry of the haircut. This can be particularly problematic when getting a blunt cut bob, as even the slightest imbalance can be noticeable. Even a slight tilt can cause a bob to be uneven, as the hairdresser may unintentionally cut one side shorter than the other.
Crossing your arms over your chest can also make it hard for the hairdresser to cut your hair evenly because this can cause your shoulders to hunch forward, creating an uneven line around your neckline. This is once again an issue for a haircut that needs a high level of accuracy to create a neat, symmetrical line. This can be hard to fix, as it may require cutting even more hair to attempt to make a symmetrical shape.
Woman with crossed legs, tilted shoulders and tilted head
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Another reason why it is better not to cross your legs or arms when getting a haircut is that it can cause physical discomfort. Sitting in a cross-legged or crossed arms position for a long time can cause your muscles to become tense and tight, resulting in stiffness and discomfort. This can make it hard for the hairstylist to work on your hair, as you may need to adjust your position often to reduce discomfort. It will result in a longer, more unpleasant haircut, as the hairdresser may need to stop and readjust you several times.
Also, crossing your legs or arms during the cutting session can alter the position of the haircutting cape. Your legs or arms can pull the cape down, causing it to shift and potentially leaving spaces around the neck or shoulders. These gaps can allow hair clippings to drop onto your clothes, which can be annoying and may require extra cleaning once the haircut is done.
The smooth nylon that most capes are made of can also contribute to this issue. This material is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, which can be beneficial for your comfort during the haircutting. However, the material's slippery texture can also cause the cape to shift more easily, making it more likely that gaps will form when you cross your legs or arms.
I hope I have provided you with enough reasons to persuade you and that you will never again cross your arms or legs while getting your hair cut. You will make your hairstylist happy with it, likely enjoy the time you spend in the hairstylist's chair more and possibly even get a better cut.
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