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Shaped Bob & Fuzzy Hairline

Q: Why is it not a good idea to have a shaped bob if I apparently have a fuzzy hairline at the back of my neck? The hair at the back of me looks like a mullet according to my husband even though it is all cut one length at the back when I have it cut. Should I have it shaped at the back or not. The rest of my hair is wavy and is thinning on top (female patterned baldness), what kind of fringe would suit me best if I have an oval face?
A: From what you describe, I am presuming that the "fuzzy hairline" of which you speak means that the hair at the perimeter grows in a curly texture and sticks out more than the rest of the hair seems to do. In this case, the shaped bob would have problems as a result of the different texture of the hair in that specific area.
With your statement that your husband characterizes the hair at the back of your head as looking like a mullet (even though it is cut to one length) I can also presume that the "fuzzy hair" at the neckline is causing issues with the way your hair lays. The solution is to undercut the neckline in order to allow the smoother hair above the "fuzz zone" to lay flat against the skin.
It is common in many people for there to be an area of the hair at the nape which reverses direction of growth. The hair on the scalp grows downward, while the hair on the neck where the head and neck join grows in an upward angle. This angled hair causes the hair above it to stick out from the surface of the skin and can interfere with a desired look.
You can probably have your bob shaped, if you want, as long as your stylist recognizes the needs created by your hair's particular behavior. Trimming (or even shaving) the "fuzzy hair" may provide the answer to what has been a frustration for you.
As for fringe with an oval face, you must remember that any hairstyle element should create balance in the features of the face. Oval faces can generally wear any shape of fringe area, but must still balance the area of the forehead and the remainder of the facial features in order to be flattering.
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