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Bangs and Summer Tan

Q: I was ready to get bangs but I'm not sure anymore. My friend says that it will not be possible to get my bangs trimmed in summer. According to her I will look funny because my forehead will be less tanned were the hair was. Would the uneven skin tone be very noticeable or does skin tan also when it is covered by hair?
A: It really depends on how dark the rest of your skin is tanned and how thick your bangs are. Usually, the fringe area is not dense enough to completely block the sun, and the hair itself is affected by UV radiation.
But the answer is actually pretty simple: if you already have bangs, look into your mirror in a well-lit area and hold your bangs off your face. If the skin beneath them is significantly lighter, then you have the answer and know that when you want even tanning on the face you need to employ an Alice band or headband of some type.
summer haircut with wispy bangs
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If you don't have bangs already, it's not a big deal, simply discuss your concerns with your stylist and you can probably arrange for a style of bangs that is wispier, and which won't block sunlight, or you can simply choose whatever style you want and wear something to hold the fringe off the face while you are trying to get some sun.
Everyone has to make decisions on their style choices, and many times it requires us to make some concessions to get the looks we desire. Is wearing a headband or other accessory that much of an issue when you are planning to be outdoors a lot? Frankly speaking, if you have bangs and work in an environment outdoors during the summer, you will probably want the bangs off your face to simply keep your face cooler. So, your friend's arguments seem kind of pointless in the scheme of things.
{A final note: please be mindful of sun exposure and tanning. UVA and UVB radiation do cause skin damage and that damage is cumulative over a lifetime. I know many people who were avid sun-worshippers in their teens and twenties, and who in their thirties and forties have skin that looks like it would be at home on a designer handbag. That isn't even addressing the concerns of skin cancers. So, do as you will, but please be careful about it.}
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