How To Improve Hair Growth

Woman with shorter than chin length short hair
Photo: Koldunov/Shutterstock
Q: How can I improve my hair growth? Are there any special shampoos, creams or other products I can use?
A: In spite of all the claims from the myriad products out there that claim to boost your hair growth and give you longer, lusher and fuller hair, there are currently only TWO compounds that are clinically proven to promote hair growth. These compounds are minoxidil and finasteride and they are primarily used to treat androgenic alopecia and other forms of hair loss.
The compounds also have some major restrictions – finasteride cannot be used or even handled by women – and both compounds only have an effect as long as they are being used. As soon as use is discontinued, the new growth is shed.
As for shampoos and hair care products to boost and support hair growth, there are some quality products that are ideal for helping with hair problems that can inhibit growth. Hair care products like those in the Pantene ‘Beautiful Lengths’ collection are designed to keep the hair nourished and in ideal condition to prevent breakage and help the hair grow to its maximum potential length. Pantene isn’t the only brand with formulas for hair growth, of course, so feel free to select from your favorite brands or those that best suit your budget.
If you prefer a more homeopathic/organic option for strengthening the hair and promoting hair growth, many Mediterranean women swear by the benefits of olive oil as a nutritive and conditioning agent. It’s generally suggested that if you want to use olive oil you choose the lighter versions of the oil. Otherwise, there is often the complaint that the hair tends to “smell like a salad”.
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