Baby Curls or Baby Hairs

Hairline with babyhairs
Photo: Irina Bg/Shutterstock
Q: I do not have curly hair but at the front of my head I have little baby curls which stick out of my hair. When I put it up, no matter how much hairspray or mousse or gel I use, they still pop out. They really annoy me, and my friends say I will just have to put up with them. Do you know any way of getting rid of them?
A: This is a common complaint among women with longer hair who like to wear their hair pulled back or in up-styles. Unfortunately, there is only one real way to "get rid of them", and that is one of the various removal methods: shaving, waxing or depilatory creams.
These methods are really only useful in cases where the "baby hairs" are collected in front of the hairline. (Many women complain of a band of these longer, ultra fine hairs that is approximately 1/2-inch wide across the front of their hairline.)
If (as it sounds in your case) these hairs are behind the front hairline, you won't be able to simply remove them, except by tweezing which would be tedious and uncomfortable. You might, however, depending on the length of these hairs, find it useful to use a flat-iron to help straighten the hairs and force them to lie flatter against the head.
Do remember that the application of moisture and/or heat can break the physical side bonds of the hair and allow you to reconfigure its wave pattern. Using a hairspray and flat-iron in combination may help you to force the wayward hairs to conform to the style you want.
Apart from that, I'm afraid your best bet is to simply minimize their appearance through the use of products like sprays and gel, or pomade which can work well and is easily applied in smaller, targeted areas.
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