Hair Growth Q&A (2)

Young woman holding the ends of her hair
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How fast do bangs grow?
How fast do eyebrows and eyelashes grow?
How long does hair keep growing once you die?
How long does hair that is pulled out take to grow back completely?
How long will it take for a part line to go away on newly buzzed hair?
How many bonds are there in our hairs?
How many hair follicles does a person gain at the onset of puberty?
How strong is human hair?
I developed a hair lick. Could shaving my head affect the growth pattern?
I got a bad haircut with layers, and my hair feels thin. How can I grow this out?
I have a spot where the here doesn't grow. Is there a solution for my problem?
I have a very rare genetic hair type and each follicle is banded.
I have just noticed I have one single hair strand that is very different from all the rest.
I have several strands of hair that are abnormally wavy. Why?
I have strong root growth patterns & cowlicks. Any tips on how to grow out my hair?
I'm having hair breakage. Should I get my hair cut even?
I pulled out a hair, and it's flat like tape. Isn't hair supposed to be round?
Is heat styling responsible for the lack of lengthy growth of hair?
Is it possible to change the direction of your hair growth pattern?
Is it possible to get surgery to alter the hair growth direction?
Is it true that Asian hair grows faster?
Is it true that by braiding your hair, it will grow faster?
Is it true that the pregnancy pill will make your hair grow faster?
Is it true that wearing long hair can cause calcium deficiency?
Is it true that yogurt promotes hair growth?
Is it true that your baby will be right-handed when his hair swirls clockwise?
Is my hair texture changing because of genetics, environment or wrong products?
Is smoking bad for your hair?
Is there a known method of getting rid of a parting so that new hair grows straight up?
Is there any medication that can be used to restore damaged hair follicles?
Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow faster?
Is there anything I can do to promote the growth of curly hair?
Is there any way I can slow the growth of my hair?
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