How To Accelerate Hair Growth

Girl pulling her own hair to make it grow faster
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Q: How can I accelerate my hair growth?
A: Maximizing hair growth rates is something men and women have been trying to do for generations.
Traditionally, the only advice possible was to keep the scalp clean and healthy, and to be sure to eat a proper, well-balanced diet to ensure the body would have the necessary building blocks to readily grow new hair.
However, there have been advances in hair science, and a number of companies have been experimenting and working on the problem of how to accelerate hair growth.
As a result, there are a number of products now on the market that bill themselves as "hair growth accelerators". They range from simple shampoo-conditioner formulas (often in a 2-in-1 combination, fortified with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants) to full-line grooming and dietary supplement regimens.
These products make claims that they can increase the rate of hair growth by as much as 45% in some cases. And while investigation of the varied websites for these companies shows no clinical studies to verify their claims, the sites are loaded with testimonials from individuals who claim that the product has worked wonders for them.
The products' claims are that their formulations (including vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and amino acids) provide the hair and scalp the necessary components for healthy hair growth.
I admit to a healthy level of skepticism about these products. I would prefer to see clinical studies and something more than anecdotal testimony regarding the effectiveness of these products. That being said, the buzz seems promising, and I think with some careful research you can minimize your risk in trying these products out.
My recommendation is that you look for products that are backed by a money-back guarantee by the manufacturer. Be sure to check the fine print, since many of these manufacturers offer satisfaction guarantees, but only for the products purchased directly from them. You don't want to buy a product thinking you have a guarantee, only to discover too late that you can't get the refund because you bought from a local retailer and not the manufacturer.
Beyond that, simply read all you can on the available products and make sure your decisions are informed decisions.
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