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Q: I am an 18-year-old college student, and I can honestly say my hair has been through every possible hair type there is (i.e. perms, Jheri curls, braids/cornrows, weaves, etc.) and since I started with the perm in 3rd grade, I got messed up from there. Now that I am older, my hair problems have gotten a lot worse.
My temporal areas are terrible, my hair hasn't been treated and I have a lot of breakage at the ends of my hair. After perming my hair, having to cut it off from going swimming, going natural, doing braids, the press and curl, and now with the weave. I can't stand it anymore!
I need help with my hair issues, and I want to start by eliminating wearing any weave/extension for a while, and let my fro breath. Sorry for the long introduction. I hope you can provide me with some advice for rejuvenating the temporal area of the hair, and stimulating hair growth of the full scalp as well as thickening and maintaining moisture in the hair.
Thank you for reading my plea. I really need help with my hair situation. I hope you can respond. Once again, thank you!

A: Unfortunately, many of the processes and hairstyles we choose can often do permanent damage to our hair. In many cases, styles that create tension on the hair can physically damage the follicles. In some cases, the hair can recover if given enough time without the extra stress on the hair and scalp.
The best advice I can offer to you is to have you follow the course of action you are taking now: stop the styling that has stressed your hair so badly, and treat your hair with kindness. Shampoo the hair only when it is dirty and condition it every day to keep the hair moisturized and healthy.
It's also important to eat a healthy, balanced diet in order to provide your scalp with the necessary proteins with which to build the hair. If you are concerned that you aren't getting adequate nutrition, be sure to include a multi-vitamin or speak to your doctor about other options.
Hopefully, the damage done to your temple areas is only temporary and will resolve itself with time. If not, you might speak to your doctor about alternatives and possible ways to heal the damaged skin.
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