Sun & Hair Growth Rate

Summer hair and sunshine
Photo: Zapylaiev Kostiantyn/Shutterstock
Q: Does the sun make your hair grow faster? Is spending a lot of time outside in the sun good or bad for hair growth?
A: Actually, the amount of time spent in the sunshine has NO effect on the growth rate of the hair. If perhaps our hair were like most plants and processed nutrients via photosynthesis we might have the ability to grow hair faster by spending time in the sun.
The thing to be cautious of is that the sun's UV rays can burn the skin and can damage the hair by bleaching out the pigments found therein. This kind of bleaching is more subtle and takes significantly more time than chemical color change, but is nonetheless just as damaging to the hair with prolonged exposure.
And as for sunburn: significant sunburn can damage the hair follicles on the scalp and result in a retardation of hair growth. This is especially true for those with fine hair, or the blondes and red heads out there.
So, please be cautious with your time in the sun and wear a hat when possible. You can also find shampoos and especially conditioners that contain sunscreen ingredients to help protect your hair and scalp when you are outdoors.
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