The Thickening of Hair

Hair with thin bangs
Photo: Kseniia Perminova/Shutterstock
Q: I've got wavy and very frizzy hair. When I recently got a haircut, I asked the hairdresser to thin out my bangs. She did not think it was a good idea because she thought my bangs were thin in the front already.
She went ahead and thinned the bangs in the front anyway because I asked. I know it was my fault but now I've got very thin wispy bangs that seem to break very easily. Does hair thicken on its own?

A: If you're asking if the hair will return to its former state of thickness after having it thinned, then "Yes." It will simply take time for the hairs that were shortened to re-grow. The breakage shouldn't be a result of the thinning, though, unless your hair is already porous and is now losing more moisture because of fewer hairs to help retain the moisture.
What I suggest is that you start a routine of deep conditioning at least once a week. Apply your favorite conditioner to the hair and cover the hair with a plastic cap. Wrap the head in warmed towels for 20 minutes. Rinse the conditioner from the hair using cool water. This should be done in conjunction with daily conditioning even when you don't shampoo.
Keeping the hair clean, and conditioned, eating a good diet and gentle grooming will help to ensure that your hair grows at its optimal rate and strength. Your bangs should recover in a matter of time.
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