Hot Weather and Hair Growth

Girl and hair growth
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Q: Does hair grow faster in hot weather?
A: There’s no concrete evidence that supports the idea of hair growing faster in hot weather, although a lot of people swear by this. One thing that can be proven is that hair does grow at its fastest during summer. Thus, it is easy to make the assumption that hair grows faster in “hot weather”, when it actually has to do with the effect that the turn of the seasons have on our bodies.
We’ve been programmed to be very active and productive during summer and go into a semi-hibernation mode during winter for survival purposes. Even though we don’t have to “hunt and gather” for survival anymore, or save up on food and water for the hard winter months, our bodies are still programmed to run on that cycle.
This means that during the summer, lots of hormones are released to enhance your performance to optimum levels. All these hormones and consequent systematic changes have a huge impact on secondary processes, such as hair that grows faster, etc.
Also, hair tends to get greasier during the summer, due to sweat, heat, exertion, etc. Although this may sound really gross; hair actually grow faster and is stronger when it’s “dirty”. The extra sebum and hair-oil gathering on the hair nourishes it, making it stronger and helping it to grow. Lots of celebrities swear by this. Reese Witherspoon is infamous for having some of the most beautiful hair in the industry, but only because she refuses to wash it more than once a week.
Thus, in summer months, hair tends to become greasier faster. Lots of people also don’t see the point of blowdrying their hair during these months, as it’s too hot in any case. Thus, women tend to tie their hair up and wash it less often, which will also increase the growth rate.
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