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Vintage Hairstyles - Retro Hair

Vintage hair

World War One Era Hairstyles
We progress through the World War One era, and see first-hand how the hairstyles changed during time of war and famine, with information snippets of WWI history in between.
1920s Hairstyles
Some of us can only think and try to reflect of what things must have been like in the 1920’s and a stylish flapper looked like. We've seen pictures and movies, but how much does that really tell you?
1920s Inspired Hairstyles
Sanrizz hairstyles collection, inspired by the 1920's "Cigarette Girls".
1930s Hairstyles
Hairstyles were still quite close to the head with the deep set, finger waves. Some were parted in the center, others on the side. Around 1932 the styles began to soften a little bit more; as a play in the waves arrived and a little bit of volume appeared on the scene.
1950s Hairstyles
Housewives were wearing their hair shorter and shorter. When they wore their hairdos down, they were very similar to the famous actress June Allison and her lovely smooth page boy and short cropped bangs that framed her forehead.
1960s Hairstyles
The bubble came into fashion or otherwise known as the bouffant hairstyle. The hair was clipped shorter on the bottom and became longer as you worked your way up.
80's Hairstyles
Women's hairstyles in the eighties. Big hair and short cuts.
Vintage Hair Ads
A collection of hair advertisements from old hair and fashion magazines. Retro advertising for hair care products.
The Warm Iron Pin Curl
How to create 1940s pin curls with the original warm iron technique. The finished effect is similar to a croquignole marcel wave, yet the method is simple and speedy to execute.
Hairstyles and Fashions of the 1940's
It was important for things to be organized during these troubled years and hairstyles and dress revealed this.
Vintage Hair Styles Q&A
Questions and answers about vintage hair hairstyles.
Vintage Hairstyles at Hairstyles Plus
A few vintage hairdos and styling instructions.
Books About Vintage Hairstyles
A selection of books about retro hair and vintage hairstyles.
Commercials Vintage Hair Videos
Videos of vintage hair products commercials, available to watch online.
Eighties Feathering and Short Haircuts
The short haircuts in the eighties were a sight to behold. The clippers were used in a plentiful way as the backs were clipped up and close to the nape of the necks.
Evolution Revolution
Hairstyles in the Seventies and Eighties.
How to do a Great Gatsby Style on a Short Angled Bob
Illustrated tutorial showing how to style a short angled bob into a Great Gatsby look.
Mack - Neo Vintage
Smooth lines, a vintage of deep set finger waves, fortyish bulbous bangs with gathered curls and masses of chaotic curls.
Matthieu Aussel - French Retro Styles
Inspired by the feminine looks of the 1940’s Matthieu Aussel presents his collection for fashionistas of today. Elaborate up-dos are rolled, curved, pinned, netted and decorated with retro accessories.
111 years of Schwarzkopf
More than 110 years ago, chemist Hans Schwarzkopf ran a small drugstore in Berlin. Today Schwarzkopf covers all products in the categories of hair coloring, care and styling.
The Dressing of the Hair, Moustachios and Beard
Excerpts from "Chats on Costume" by G. Woolliscroft Rhead, 1906.


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