How to do a Great Gatsby Style on a Short Angled Bob

  • Great Gatsby hair style
  • Side view of a short gatsby style
  • Vintage style for short hair

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1. What you will need: Combs, Clips, Diamante pins, Flat iron, Hairspray and styling products.
2. Note that we’re working with dry, relatively straight hair. If your model has any curls or waves in her hair, first straighten the hair to smooth out the structure.
Always remember to apply a heat-protection product to the model’s hair before applying any sort of heat-technique appliance to the surface of the hair. It is always the stylist’s concern to prevent as much damage as possible to the client’s hair, and to educate the client to use the correct products to help repair and protect the hair.
  • Hair before styling
  • Clip hair away
  • Create a wave with your flat iron
  • Gatsby hair styling

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3. Start with the first side of the model’s head. Use the sharp end of your tail comb and draw a two inch section vertically from behind the ear towards below the temple of the model. Clip the rest of the hair out of the way with your clip, to ensure a comfortable and efficient working space.
4. Use your flat iron to create a very distinct wave of hair that is curling upwards. The curls should be very distinct and structured, as the wave will ultimately drop down a bit with time, because of the weight of the hair. Spray this section with a medium or strong hold aerosol hairspray to preserve the section’s form and structure.
5. Use the sharp end of your tail comb and draw out the next vertical two inch section that you will be curling. Always remember to keep your sections at two-inch thickness, especially in the case of thick hair. If your sections are too thick, the heat of the flat iron won’t be able to penetrate the full volume of the section, thus resulting in a flat or limp curl which will ultimately drop out completely.
  • Curl hair with a flat iron
  • Smooth and flat hair
  • Curl hair
  • Vintage hair styling

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6. Curl the hair with the flat iron in the same technique as in step 4. Take care not to disturb the curl that you have already formed at the bottom of this side section. When you have finished this curl, spray it with a medium to strong hold aerosol hairspray.
It’s fine if the curls look too “structured” or overly-done right now. You’ll be combing the hair out before the style is completed, which will restore the natural and shiny movement to the hair. Ensure the client of this if she is worried about it.
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