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Seventies fashion shirt, turtleneck and hair
I am a child of the 70's so I have seen a lot of change happen ... . One of those being the different hairstyles from year to year. I don't know how we keep up, but if you will look back to the 1970's, forward, you will see the most distinctive hair do's to ever be created.
Enter, the 1970's, freedom of speech, freedom from constriction, carefree, free flowing everything! It was a time to experiment and we did! In the 1970's everyone wanted his or her hair to be straight, and long. Thanks to Conair we were about to all get what we wanted.
It was Conair that delivered the "pistol grip" style blow dryer to the drug store shelves and into the hands of every teenager that could afford one. It usually came down to one per family, but the blow dryer was about to become the most popular household appliance since the television set! With this new technology we were able to create the look that was to become the symbol of the hippie movement and the 70's.
The 1980's was about to deliver a different look altogether. This was to become the era of the "superwoman". More and more we would see mom's going back to work, but having a family at the same time. This required some time constraints to be removed. This would include a shorter, easier haircut to maintain. Gone are the long locks of the 70's. Women (and men) need more time so the shorter the time spent on their do's the better.
With the wedge cuts comes convenience of either drying your hair with the blow dryer or letting it dry natural as the hair is now cut to be controlled easily. This means falling into place. The 1980's also introduce us to mouse and gel. Two staples of hair care we can no longer live without. These two products are actually very drying to our hair and we start to see more hair damage in the 80's.
This brings us up to the 1990's and to a more natural look. People, once again, want to start growing their hair out, but with variations. The 1990's would start to see the dawn of feathering, razoring, shagging, etc. The hair would no longer stand up on end as in the 80's styles, but it would be cut more to suit the individual daily needs of each person. We would start to see hair not getting cut as often, just trimming. The 1990's will also boom with hair care products that smell like summer time flowers and coca butter, and boast of shiny, full, luxurious results.
There are so many products to choose from that it is hard to know what to buy. So your stylist becomes your best friend and his/her number is on your speed dial because you are pretty sure you can't make the right decision without their help.
Now I think we have it figured out. Our stylists certainly do, as they are at trainings regularly to keep up with changing trends and needs of their clients. If you look around a bit you will also see that the 1970's haven't totally gone by the wayside ...
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