Eighties Hairstyles and Short Haircuts

eighties short hairstyle
Do you know one of the things, I remember about the hair in the 1980s? Everyone you looked at, had hair obesity. Even those who had thin hair would somehow manage to have big fat hair in some way, either with back-combing, getting a body wave or hairpieces.
Pictures of Farah Fawcett’s hair were on the front cover of practically all of the magazine‘s on the rack, and everyone stayed home to see her on the television when you watched “Charlie’s Angels.” The coveted look was that of a lion’s mane. Women surrounded their faces and neck with hair and more hair that tumbled way past their shoulders and well into the beyond.
Those who wanted a more professional look, didn’t quite go to the lion’s den to seek after fat hair. The short haircuts in the eighties, were a sight to behold and something that still reigns in active technicolor, in the memory banks, with those who lived through those days.
The clippers were used in a plentiful way as the backs were clipped up and close to the nape of the necks. Some necklines were carved in an arch with a slight subtle point on each side of the neck. This design was especially easy to do, if the client had a neckline that grew even and straight down.
Not so easy to do, if she had an irregular neckline and naturally curly hair and let me be the first to tell you, there was always a client who wanted that type of a clip when her hair wasn’t suited the best for it.
The crown area had plenty of pouf and would ideally be about 6cm in length. Height was very important in the crown. Ladies still deem this as an important feature, so when they look at their profile, in the mirror they can see this perfect round shaped head.
eighties short nape hairstyle
The desire of the types of bangs would vary. Sometimes there would be thin pouf ones that would lay just in the middle of the eyebrows. Other times you would see the bangs as the longest area on the whole head that moved way past her nose and further.
Everything was in perfect formation, as the top and crown would still have height. Usually when the cut involved the long bangs, you would see their sides clipped up and around the ears.
There were also some haircuts that had hair that covered the middle part of their ears and could be brushed either toward the face or back away in short layers matching the back. These were very chic and smart styles that gave way for the earrings they wanted to wear.
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