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Vintage Hairstyles 1909 - 1914

  • oblong vintage hairstyle
  • formal vintage hairstyle
  • Edwardian era hairstyle
  • hairstyle with a feather
  • pre World War I hairstyle
  • Gatsby hairstyle
  • vintage hairstyle with waves
  • winged hair accessory
  • curled vintage hair
  • braided vintage hair
  • vintage hair-hat
  • 1914 hairstyle
  • little curls
  • waves and a feather
  • World War One fashion
  • cone shaped hairstyle
  • WW1 hairstyle
  • World War One look
  • World War One hair
  • World War 1 hairstyle
  • Marcel waves
  • hair swept backwards
  • 1914 war look
  • pile-up hairstyle
  • more retro hairstyles
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These pictures take us on a walk down memory lane, starting at a 1909 example of the iconic Gibson Girl, created by Charles Dana Gibson. These images began appearing somewhere in the 1880's.
We progress through the World War One era, and see first-hand how the hairstyles changed during time of war and famine, with information snippets of WWI history in between. Enjoy!