Short Hair Trends (45)

One of the most difficult hair decisions many women face is whether to go from long hair to short. Getting your hair cut short can be quite intense, but many see it as a new start. Are you ready for the plunge and looking for short hair ideas? Let these trendy short hairstyles inspire you!
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  • hair with uplifting
  • metallic hair color
  • punky fashion hair
  • extra short punk hairstyle
  • spiky hair
  • haircut with spikes in the nape
  • thick and choppy hair
  • short geometric hairstyle
  • hairstyle with spikes
  • gradated neck
  • silver short cropped hair
  • short textured bob
  • chopped razorcut
  • charming short haircut
  • versatile pixie
  • gothic look
  • wearable short haircut
  • bob with clipped nape
  • tomboy haircut
  • closely clipped nape
  • sleek fringe for short hair
  • bob for red hair
  • round hair cut
  • cut our ear haircut
  • cut out ear hairdo
  • flirtatious short hairstyle
  • playful haircut
  • cropped haircut with spikes
  • jaw length bob
  • more short hairstyles

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