Short Hair Trends (45)

One of the most difficult hair-decisions many women face is whether to go from long hair to short. Getting your hair cut short can be quite intense, but many see it as a new start. Are you prepared for the plunge and looking for short hair ideas? Let these trendy short hairstyles inspire you!
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  • Short hair that is lifted up on the roots
  • Short hair with a metallic pink color and petal bangs
  • Punk hairstyle with a spectacular hair color
  • Very short punk haircut with pink hues for women
  • Spiky fantasy hairstyle with layers
  • Female punk haircut with spikes in the nape
  • Short hairstyle with hair that lengthens towards the front
  • Short geometric hairstyle with deep bangs
  • Short haircut with graduated sides and spikes
  • Short hair with a graduated neck and smooth styling
  • Pixie cut with cropped sides and back for silver hair
  • Textured bob with wispy elements and very short bangs
  • Short hairstyle with a high crown and snug sides
  • Intense red bob with a shorter back section
  • Pixie cut with an extremely short shaved neck
  • Gothic style with a choppy outline for red hair
  • Short hairstyle with one longer side and jagged bangs
  • Short blonde bob with a clipper cut nape
  • Blonde tomboy haircut with a very short cropped back
  • Cheekbone length haircut with a clipper cut nape section
  • Sleek short hairstyle with layered sides and a shiny surface
  • Bob cut with sharp angles on the corners
  • Round haircut with cotton candy like hair colors
  • Short hairstyle with a cut out ear and longer hair on top
  • Hairdo with different shapes and textures
  • Asymmetrical short hairstyle with curls on one side
  • Futuristic short hairstyle with a clipper cut neck
  • Very short haircut with spikes for women
  • Short hair that follows the shape of the head
  • more short hairstyles

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